Development Office



The Baskin School of Engineering Development Office works in conjunction with alumni, corporations, foundations, and friends of the Baskin School of Engineering to secure external resources for the benefit of the school.

Alumni are a source of pride for the Baskin School of Engineering, not only in the level of personal and professional success they attain after graduation, but in the degree of support they offer toward the continuation of excellence at the college.

The development program supports the Baskin School's educational and research efforts through fundraising activities and by promoting relationships with our corporate partners.

If you have questions about how you can support the UCSC Baskin School of Engineering, please contact:

Frank P. Howley, Jr.
Senior Director of Corporate Development

Baskin Engineering 391

Timothy J Bensch
Director of Corporate Development

Baskin Engineering, Room 391

Branwyn Wagman
Director, Genomics Institute Communications & Development
Director, CBSE Communications & Development

Engineering 2, Room 501B


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